Telecom Training Program

Telecom Training Program

The demand for mobilization is growing exponentially as well development of mobile technologies getting faster.
After competing this course-ware candidate can perform drive tests, surveys, implementation, configuration and maintain mobile networks such as Tata Indicom, Idea cellular, Airtel, NSN etc.
Candidate can learn many technologies like wireless, PSTN, communication, GSM/ GPRS, UMTS, SS7, LTE etc


Module 1 Communication and transmission media basic (Duration Approximately-10 Hrs)
1 Multiplexers and demultiplexers
2 Optical Network
4 Communication and transmission media basic Signlings SS7,SIP BIC
5 Multiplexers and demultiplexers Traffic Engineering
6 Optical Network
8 Signlings SS7,SIP BIC
9 Traffic Engineering

Module 2 Ip Technology (Duration Approximately-10 Hrs)
1 Open Systems Interconnection model
2 Error correction and detection
3 IP addressing and sub-netting
4 Networking medias
5 Routing Protocol and Configuration
6 Wireless LAN
7 Virtual Private network

Module 3 Wired line Network (Duration Approximately-15 Hrs)
1 Wireline Switches and Its functionality
2 Wireline Network Architecture
3 Wireline Access Networks(COT,RT)
4 Next Generation Networks
5 V5 interface
6 ISDN Network (BRI,PRI)
7 MPLS Technology

Module 4 Wireless and mobile communication (Duration Approximately-25 Hrs)
1 Introduction Of Wireless Networks
2 GSM, UMTS, LTE Spectrum
3 Architecture of Mobile Communication(GSM, UMTS, LTE)
4 Radio Access Networks
5 call Flows and network Analysis
6 GSM,UMTS,LTE Data Evolution
7 Wi-Fi / Wi-Max Architecture

Module 5 Advanced Excel (Duration Approximately-10 Hrs)
1 Basic Excel Program
2 Vlookup/ Hlookup Program
3 Pivot Tables
4 Networks Report Generations
5 Micros Programs

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