Like any network troubleshooting it also refers to logic fundamental steps. We will share some easy and interesting tricks here. To get better and firm results, we suggest you to follow provided sequence only.  Before we start, would like to say thanks to Mr. Yogesh pawar from D-link technical support for guidance without which it couldn’t possible. So let us start.

1. First you check whether you choose compatible dongle for it.


List of supported dongle for DWR-116 is provided on D-link web page. Here we would like to suggest use D-link dongle. This will save your time in compatibility check and many trial-n-errors.  Download file here.


2. Now check whether WAN connection is live and working. To test the same you can put 3G/4G dongle into desktop/laptop and check whether it is working.





Easy way to check it, is pinging global DNS IPs.

For example or you can browse any webpage on computer, to test if you can reach internet.



3. If working. You can check WAN connection inserting the dongle into router as suggested.


Once you logged into router. Status button will show you details. Type of connection we are receiving (3G/4G). Wireless signal strength. WAN connection should show dynamically assigned public IP addresses.  Also we can see ‘world’ symbol LED glowed on router and is steady. If it is blinking it represent that it actively trying to connect to the service provider.


Even though you found firmware up-gradation requirement, you can try one quick trick before. You can try manually setting parameters for the WAN connection of dialer.

In our case country is India and Service provider is Idea cellular.

Different service providers will have different dialed numbers and APNs. Refer below table for SPs in India. After saving these parameters click next and save these settings. And check if it works.


4 Firmware up-gradation

Many times you required to upgrade firmware of the hardware.

Here you have to make clear that we are working with updated firmware. Firmware version update you can find on link OR can download here. Except this there is one more option where you can get latest firmware and that is no other that D-link technical support. Make sure that while getting help with support personnel you equipped with remote session sharing application such as Ammy Admin,teamviewer among many, ammy admin is quick, easy and light application.

Firmware image file is .bin file, save this file in a folder to reuse.

In main menu go to tools Firmware here you will find a button to ‘choose file’ click it, select specified file and click ‘upgrade’

Once you click ‘upgrade’ you will find below screens and confirmation.

Once you do the firmware up-gradation. Now your dual WAN router should work fine.

I hope you found this information is helpful. Your comments/suggestions welcome.


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